Less than a year after my divorce, I am in a transition period of my life, with some sizeable financial decisions to make. Ericka understands my challenges. I believe in the Christian-based Dave Ramsey strategy that Ericka uses. Ericka is prompt and professional.
— Mike B.
In just the two conversations we have had- I am excited about what Tailor Made Budgets can help us with. I feel I have hope and will have a road map to complete our financial goals. Thank you!
Focus is key
— Jen D.
At this point in my life I am going through multiple transitions. I find myself in a complacent state of mind with soaring debts and mounting tensions all while living in my mother’s home after two failed attempts to re-establish myself after a divorce. With my health now in question I ask myself… was it worth going back into the workforce? I know many have given up after years of no work but after talking with Ericka I realized I was in a crisis. I never thought of my life spiraling however it has and now I am back working at my resume and a cover letter and working feverishly to attend a job fair and start my freelance business. This is all to bring income into the home to get myself out of debt and be able to look at myself with some self-respect. When she said I could do this that was the first time in a long time I began to think I think I can.
— Monica N.
In November 2010 I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course through my church. I understood the concept of the course and so desperately desired to be debt free, however I was overwhelmed by the budgeting portion of the course. I looked on the Dave Ramsey website and found Tailor-Made Budgets and Ericka Young. After viewing Ericka’s video on her website I instantly knew she had the positive energy I needed to tackle the budgeting task. After meeting with Ericka for three months, she made budgeting a simple and easy task for me. Additionally, after applying Ericka’s budgeting tips I was able to pay off approximately $6,500 in debt and increase my savings to $1,500!! All in just three months!! I am no longer overwhelmed by budgeting and actually look forward to planning out my expenditures each paycheck! Thank you Ericka, I couldn’t have done it without you and thanks to your expertise I am on the road to being debt-free by the end of the year!
— Stacey - Small Business Owner
Ericka is a tough, honest, caring coach who will help you get your budget under control. I am constantly amazed at her expertise and enthusiasm for helping good folks get back to a good financial position in life. Her dedication and commitment reflect well upon her business, her industry, and her community. Hire Ericka with 100% confidence and you will be WOWed by her coaching services.
— Stewart - Small Business Advisor
My Fiancé and I hired Ericka not only to help with our wedding budget but to help plan our financial life ahead as husband and wife. Ericka helped us set financial goals, track them and even held me responsible for my spending! :) She was amazing at making everything so specific to our goals and lifestyle. She is a wonderful financial expert and even makes saving and budgeting fun. We have benefited tremendously by following her guidelines. We look forward to working with her again in the future as life’s financial demands change.
— Linsley - Private Practice
I was so impressed with the process Ericka took me through prior to and on the day of our first appointment. Doing the homework and having all the pieces of the puzzle together was eye-opening. I got all my questions answered at our first session and now have a plan of action I can use to accomplish my goals. I’m on my way! Thank you, Ericka!
Looking forward to our next appointment
— Rosey B.
In just six months of using Tailor Made Budgets, Ericka has helped us pay off two loans that we have been wanting to payoff for the past 3 years. All while paying off unexpected medical and car repair bills in cash from our emergency fund! Thanks Ericka!!!
The But Kicking
— Sara R.
I signed up with Ericka for financial coaching because I had come off a bankruptcy and I started repeating old money habits. I had to change my ways and knew I needed help. Ericka turned me around! During the time I worked with her, I got on a budget and started planning. I used to live paycheck to paycheck, biting my nails the day before payday, waiting for my next check. Now, I have saved an emergency fund, can buy a car in cash, and have a new perspective on living within my means. I used to feel like I would never get out of the black hole of my finances; but Ericka made my budget so easy, it was hard not to follow it!

Now I look forward to all the things I can do with my life. Yay!
— Patricia - Personal finance
My wife and I have worked with Ericka for budget consulting for about 2 years. In that time, she has helped us and other friends and family members to reduce debt and change the way we manage our finances. She has a passion for what she does, and the clients that she works with. She has a unique skill of being very easy to work with, but can also be assertive in her coaching style. I will continue to refer friends and family to Ericka, and highly recommend her to others.
— Gil - Personal Finances
I am pleased to highly recommend Ericka Young! I have consistently hired Ericka since 2006 not only for personal financial coaching, but also, to provide financial consultation to my business. She is an expert in her field, provides exemplary value, and exercises uncompromisable integrity. Ericka is a ‘must have’ in life in order to reach financial freedom & achieve life goals!
— Trish - Small Business Owner
If anyone needs financial advice or peace in their life, then they need look no further than Ericka Young. This outstanding woman has literally changed lives, including my own. My husband and I were in debt straight out of college and, since taking a course facilitated by Ericka, we were inspired to make life changes that drastically improved our financial status. Ericka’s passion about educating and helping her community to be better stewards over their finances, is awesome. I’ve now worked with Ericka in many different capacities and she has always proved to be very reliable and professional with a zest for promoting financial peace . I have absolutely NO hesitation to recommend her services if you are looking to get out and STAY OUT of debt! I assure you, your life will never be the same! Mine sure isn’t!
— Brenda