3 Secrets to Quick Wins for Financial Success!

Complimentary Teleclass from Ericka Young

October 5, 2016 @ 8 PM EST/5 PM PST

"Give me 1 hour and I will share 3 secrets to help you experience immediate success in your debt-strategy plan."

Register for this class today so you can stop being stressed and overwhelmed. This teleclass is designed to show you how you can not only get out of debt but how to experience a quick win to keep you motivated from the start!


Is this you?

  • You're strapped for cash and an emergency just came up?
  • You may enough money to live comfortably but you still seem to live paycheck to paycheck?
  • You have tried other things to get rid of debt in the past but they all took too long?
  • You know you're not a financial guru so you want information easy to understand and implement!

If you're ready to learn what it's like to live without the stress, worry, pain, overwhelm and unrest that comes along with carrying debt, the time to register is now!

I was so impressed with the process Ericka took me through. Doing the homework and having all the pieces of the puzzle together was eye opening. I’m on my way!
— Rosey B.
Ericka is a ‘must have’ in life in order to reach financial freedom & achieve life goals!
— Trish
I used to feel like I would never get out of the black hole of my finances; but Ericka made my budget so easy, it was hard not to follow it!
— Patricia