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Ericka Young, Founder & President
Ericka Young is the president of Tailor-Made Budgets. After 7 years of working in the semiconductor industry as an engineer, Ericka decided to help others gain control over their money through personal financial coaching. Her love for numbers and data crunching translated easily into analyzing financial information. Ericka knows how to help you navigate the financial waters because she did it herself. She and her husband, Chris, dug their way out of nearly $100,000 in debt! Now, through her monthly e-newsletter, personal coaching sessions, workshops, and speaking engagements, Ericka is helping many people significantly improve their finances, families… and most importantly their futures. Ericka is a certified financial counselor by Dave Ramsey's Lampo Group and is now helping her clients give their dreams a place to flourish everyday.


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