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Have you ever wondered, what am I doing and how did I get here? Well, I sure did! When my husband, Chris, and I were newly married, attending college and finding jobs seemed to be the right thing to do. But if this was right, why were we so in debt? Why couldn’t we chart our financial future, or live fully? We didn't know an important truth at the time. Our circumstances were the result of us not having a plan.  

Our debt was mounting. We were in desperation. I read almost anything I could get my hands on that showed the way to “get ahead.”  Finally, my husband found Dave Ramsey on the radio. We loved his message! 

We flew into action at the thought of becoming debt-free. Our dream could become a reality! We took his class, Financial Peace University. We read all his books and got to work!  He taught us how to manage the day-to-day expenses and work toward our future goals. As we worked on our own debt, I realized that successful money management begins with a personal budget.  

In America, we’re taught to spend now and pay later. The only way to break free is to do something different. Chris and I were determined to "Change Our Family Tree" in our early twenties. We held a deep desire and commitment to handle our finances differently. 

We developed a budgeting and debt reduction plan. And we learned how to keep each other accountable. As a result, we are now DEBT-FREE!!! We spent the first five years of our marriage paying off nearly $100,000 in debt. And we vowed never to return to that place again.  Ultimately, this experience changed not only our financial future but my career path as well.

I knew I wanted to help people get out of debt. I could show them how to organize their finances, and create a healthy future.  In 2005, I launched Tailor-Made Budgets. I told everyone I knew how I could help them.  

The following year, Chris and I went to Nashville. We were trained by Dave Ramsey and his team. We learned how to coach people on financial matters. Now, ten years later, I have amazing opportunities every day. I get to help people and businesses transform their finances, careers, families and, most importantly, their futures.

The exciting thing about our story is, you can be debt-free too! Get on board. Watch the tree that your family is creating bloom into something you could never have imagined! The budgeting principles that we used can work for you also. And you don’t have to do it alone!

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