Hear more about Ericka’s journey, valuable tips for managing your money, and lesson on how to get out of debt on the following podcasts and print media. 


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Talk Money With Your Hunny

Ericka talks about how to pull yourself out of debt with your spouse.


The African-American Community & Financial Independence.

Ericka discusses whether financial independence is different for the African American community.


Chain of Wealth Podcast

Ericka speaks on going from $100,000 of debt to debt free in 5 years!

Money Savage Podcast

On this show, we talked about how to minimize the impact that emotions can have on our spending, identifying the underlying causes of those behaviors and getting past those causes.

Doctor of love show Podcast: 

Hear Ericka speak on money and marriage. Get answers to these questions:

Why is it difficult for couples to discuss finances? -What are some key concepts you want couples to take away from your book? -What is your favorite chapter in the book? Why? -When is it a good time for a couple to discuss finances? During the dating stage or engagement stage?


StrongHer Podcast

Ericka takes us on a financial road trip to uncover where we are on our financial journey and to help us reach our financial finish line.


Follow Me Out of Debt Podcast

If you’re married, you’ll definitely discover some great gold nuggets of value throughout our conversation that will help you with personal finance in your marriage, and if you’re single, you’ll learn a lot as well.  Listen in!


The Open Door of Sisterhood Podcast

Listen in to uncover why women are such a critical factor in the family budget, what programs work best, what prevents us from getting the financial help we need, and how to have helpful conversations with your spouse about finances.  Learn how to teach your kids about managing money and what we can do to better educate them as they grow up.


Creatives Crushing Anxiety Podcast

If you’ve been suffering from debt and the anxiety that can come with it then you need to listen to this episode!


2 Frugal Dudes Podcast

Discussion Points include:

  • The important money conversations to have with your significant other.

  • How marriage counseling could kick things off in the right direction. 

  •  The benefits of sharing your finances. 

  •  Key financial indicators while dating. 

  •  Talking to your kids about college.


Personal Profitability Podcast

Hear a crash course on Ericka’s four-step plan to getting out of debt for good. Make sure to listen to the end of the podcast to hear some awesome tips!


Her Fearless Hustle Podcast

Hear about how Ericka and her husband climbed out of debt and how you can do it too!


Pocket of Money Podcast

Ericka Young discusses: * debt freedom techniques * how to get on the same page as a couple * how to design a debt freedom strategy * top key action to move as a couple towards financial freedom.


Day in the life Podcast

Hear about how Ericka and her husband paid off over $90k worth of debt, the best tips for starting a budget, how people can set realistic, attainable financial goals for themselves, the top personal financial mistakes people make and so much more.


The Money Nerd Podcast

Stop allowing emotional spending to ruin your life. Listen in!


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Print Media

USA WEEKLY - March 2018

  • Regular Financial Expert resource quoted in the Arizona Republic

  • Featured in the East Valley Tribune

  • Arizona Woman Magazine, Financial Expertise

  • Times Necessitate Becoming CFO Published by Chandler Chamber of Commerce

  • “Financial Fitness Requires Muscle” Expert resource, quoted in Arizona Republic