Ericka Young - Your Certified Financial Coach

  • What if all of those monthly debt payments were gone?

  • What if you and your spouse were both on the same page financially?

  • What if you not only had money left over from each paycheck but also an emergency fund to take care of life's unexpected events.

This scenario can be more than a dream:
No debt payments, productive financial discussions with your spouse, and surplus funds. It can be your financial reality.


If you’re confident that you’re making the right moves with your money, you can experience ALL of the above.  It’s time to say goodbye to the bondage of debt forever.  You can create the life you truly desire! 

It’s tough to talk about money issues. That’s why many people struggle to make and stick to their decisions. You need a game plan that shows you what to do, when to do it, and how it should be done. 

It’s freeing to have help in creating real budgets and debt reduction strategies that work. You can exhale with peace of mind when you have a guide helping you avoid pitfalls.  

Believe me. I’ve been there. My husband and I felt the same way.  We wish there had been someone to help us at our lowest point. When we climbed out of debt we vowed never to return to it again. And I made a commitment to help others get free too.


I’m Ericka Young. I’ve been in your shoes so I know what you’re feeling. I can also show you the way out.  I specialize in budgeting, debt reduction, and savings forecasts. These tools will make your life easier. You’ll reach your goals faster with less stress. 

Schedule your Debt-Free Strategy session NOW! 

During this complimentary
30 minute session you will:

  1. Get a clear picture of what your ideal financial life can look like

  2. Uncover any obstacles to achieving your goals

  3. Discover what we can do together to make sure you finally have peace in your finances!

What are you waiting for?   Your future is calling out for more. It’s time to make it happen.  Schedule your Debt-Free Strategy session today!