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Discover Harmony

Discover Harmony: Learn How Small Daily Choices Can Result in Big Life Changes

A Wellness Retreat for Women

Imagine feeling less stress, more motivation, more focus and more freedom & inner joy. If given the choice, I think we could all agree that YES, I want more of that. Yet, we often live on auto-pilot, overwhelmed and unaware that we have the ability to make small daily choices that can positively impact big life changes.

Maybe you are feeling the burden of financial debt that is emotionally weighing you down. Maybe you are struggling with uncontrollable cravings that are negatively impacting your health. Maybe you know you should get moving, but lack the motivation to get out of that chair. Maybe you are feeling stuck, unmotivated or overwhelmed and have no idea how to get yourself out of stuck and into action. Or maybe you are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Are you ready for a change?

Join us for this empowering retreat for women and learn how small daily choices can make for big life changes.

With four dynamic sessions, this workshop is packed full of valuable information that will help you discover ways you can make positive changes in many areas of your life:


  • Financial Freedom | Make Your $ Count with Financial Coach Ericka Young

  • Understand and Overcome Food Cravings | Tapping into your body's wisdom and messages by Health and Wellness Coach Michelle Cardimen

  • Getting to the Heart of it All | Discovering the empowering tools of Desire Mapping by Life Coach Jayne Jackson

  • Move it or Lose it! | Appreciating the abilities we have so they will be able to serve us in the future. Choose one of the following sessions:

Functional Fitness: Building a body that is strong for life! Exercises and stretches that use a combination of muscle groups necessary for every day movement and activities with Pearl Riggs.

Easy Yoga: A relaxing class that builds strength and improves flexibility; may contain several Wellmodalities such as Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga with Kristin Schafer.

Who are the Facilitators?

Michelle Cardimen is a Registered Nurse, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and founder of A Step Away Health and Wellness Coaching. Michelle helps men and women over the age of 40 to reclaim their lives by improving their health. She empowers her clients to shift their beliefs away from disease management and into the action of intentional living that is grounded in what they value most.

Jayne Jackson is the founder of Bee Your Dream. As a Desire Map Facilitator and Life Coach for women, she helps women reclaim their power by discovering their heart-centered purpose and shows them through tools and a guidance system how to get out of stuck and into action so they can stop living their life by default and begin living their life by design.

Ericka Young is a best-selling author and recognized expert in financial coaching who helps families and individuals transform their finances and their future. As founder and president of Tailor-Made Budgets, she teaches debt freedom through her e-newsletters, personal coaching, group programs, and speaking engagements.

Pearl Riggs has been involved in the fitness industry for most of her life. She currently teaches adult functional fitness, kid fitness and classical ballet.

Kristin Schafer has been a group fitness instructor for 7 years. She currently teaches in multiple gyms in Indianapolis and has been a LesMills BodyFlow certified instructor for the last 6 years.

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