Financial Fitness@Work program

Money issues among employees affect your company's bottom line. According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management:


83% of HR professionals said that financial problems have a large impact on work performance of their employees


47% of HR professionals notice employees with money problems struggle with their ability to focus on work


26% of HR professionals observed a significant negative trend in employee productivity


24% of HR professionals pinpoint money problems leading to increased employee absenteeism and tardiness


Financial wellness of employees is critical and Tailor Made Budgets is committed to helping America's workforce beat debt, build wealth and become financially free.  With our Financial Fitness@Work program, your employees will gain control over their finances, be more focused at work and overcome personal debt challenges.

What does Tailor-Made Budgets offer to employers?

  1. One-hour lunch-n-learn sessions designed to motivate and inspire employees in basic money management principles

  2. Two-hour workshops focused on either budgeting or debt reduction

  3. Tailored tele-coaching for small groups to collaborate on money topics

  4. Four week courses designed to get employees into action right away

  5. One-on-one coaching sessions that tailor the budget and debt reduction plans for each employee

  6. Pre and post participant program assessments to show improvement and implementation of concepts

Custom Programs

Interested in creating a custom Fitness@Work program for your corporation? Contact us today to discuss your company's individual needs and we will work together to create a program to help your employees and your bottom line!