Why Buy-In is a Must for Money Conversations

So far, we've talked about shared goals and accountability. These are both critical to success when it comes to your financial plans together as a couple. But, perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle is that of Buy-In. Buy-in is always necessary when you are making changes.

Consider this. So far, you've both made goals together. Is it enough to just make the goal? You both want it (probably badly) but if that was enough, wouldn't you already be on your way to achieving that goal? It's because you didn't have buy-in. 

Buy-in takes more than just asking your partner to give up going out to lunch. It takes more than just sacrificing expensive vacations to get to the goal line. The good news is that the other two pieces that we've already talked about (shared goals and accountability) are actually part of the buy-in process.  

So what else gets us to buy-in?  Here are a few things that can help get you both moving in the right direction:

  • Recognizing that each of you has a specific role in the success of your goals. This can instill a deep sense of pride and purpose which encourages buy-in.  One of you may do the planning and the other does the tracking for example.
  • Create incentives. I love a reward system and encourage my clients to set rewards as they achieve certain milestones. It doesn't have to be super expensive or extravagant but if you know that you can go to our favorite restaurant to eat when you pay off that next credit card, you may just be more willing to make the short-term sacrifices to get there.  This also works great with kids too. 
  • Understanding the "Why". At the end of the day, when you know what your big "Why" is for getting out of debt, you are more likely to succeed. Having a big "Why" to remind you along the way can help keep you engaged in your plan together and prevent potential derailments.

Try these things with each other and watch for how much more excited and on-board you each are for working toward your goal of financial freedom. Buy-in can make ALL the difference!