What do you really want?

Many people come to me for coaching and they don’t really know why.  Sure, you think you should have a budget.  Yes, you need to pay the bills on time.  But what do you really want when you make the decision to pick up the phone or drive into my office for additional help with your money?


Do you want freedom?

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Are you worried about something that could happen in the future?


Let’s get to the heart of why you may need additional help so that this goal is big enough to propel you forward and actually accomplish it.

I’ll use myself as an example.  In 1998, my husband and I got married.  We both came from single parent households with limited funds.  Our moms did the best they could to provide for us, but we were certain we needed to handle our money better together.

What got in the way?

We had lots of debt.  In the 1st few years of our marriage our debt rose to over $90,000 and we were only making $66,000 per year.  Our payments were strangling our possibilities.

What did we need to do?

We needed to get out of debt and free up cash for other things we desired in our lives.

Why was this so important?

We desperately wanted our children to avoid the money mistakes with debt that we made and begin their adult lives without those shackles. Essentially, we wanted to change our financial family tree.

Who does this impact?

Yes, our children would be directly affected because they wouldn’t have to struggle financially.  But we can also share our debt-free testimony with anyone willing to listen so that they can see what is possible for them as well.

How were we going to do it?

We had to create a solid financial game plan that would help us reach our goals while being able to enjoy the journey along the way.  It took discipline, consistency, and delayed gratification.  When we fell off the wagon, we had to get back on it as quickly as we could.

What would this allow us to do?

Anything we want!  When we free up cash, we can vacation without worry of how to pay for it.  We can save for our future and create a lasting financial legacy.  We can give to causes that are dear to our hearts.  Being free of debt gives us options and protects our largest wealth building tool… our income.

When were we going to start?

Immediately!  The longer you wait to begin the longer it will take you to accomplish your goal.  Every day you wait to start is another day in debt!  It took us 5 years to get free of our debt, but it would certainly have taken longer if we waited just to start.


The Youngs in Paris!

The Youngs in Paris!

One of things we love to do as a family is travel.  This summer we were able to take a trip to Paris, France!  It was the trip of a lifetime for sure!  We visited museums, posed in front of the Eiffel Tower, ate the food, and did a little shopping 😊.  I’d love to go back!  But it would have been a different experience if we had debt payments following us around or if we didn’t know how the trip would be paid for.

This type of freedom is what I want for all my clients.  Having the ability to plan a wonderful vacation or send your child to college without debt are good reasons to get on a plan immediately.


Ask yourself these who, what, when, why, and how questions just like I did to understand what YOU really want:

What is in the way of you managing your money better?

What do you need to do to fix it?

Why is this so important to you?

Who does this impact specifically?

How are you going to make change?

What would it allow you to do if you succeeded?

When are you going to start?


I’d love to help you create a plan that reaches toward your dreams and last far into your future.  To set up a time to chat with me about what you really want click HERE.