What are you doing with your extra day?

2012 is Leap Year!  We are always looking for more time, more hours in our day, or just one day to “catch up” on something.  Well now you have it!  What are you going to do with it? My recommendation is for you to set aside some time for an activity that you normally never seem to have time for.  Think about your goals for 2012.  Did you commit to paying off some debt?  Well February 29th is a good day to add up how much debt you have and determine how much extra you will put towards paying it off.  Is 2012 the year you decided to really commit to a budget?  Why don’t you make February 29th the day you wrote out your March budget?

Personally, I have scheduled an appointment to get my business marketing back on track.  I am also spending some time watching an educational and inspiring movie with my daughters to celebrate black history month.

I know you may have to work.  I know the kids still need to go to school.  Yes I know that life must go on even though we have an extra day.  But this is 24 extra hours in our year!  What you do with it may change the course of your year dramatically!  Let’s use it wisely!