This has nothing to do with money!

Life shouldn't revolve around money.  Sometimes life reminds you of this in the most unexpected ways.  My uncle passed away recently.  Our family was getting together to mourn, celebrate, and spend time together.  During that time, I reflected on the things I learned from a man who never lectured any of these values to me.  His actions told the entire story. 1. Know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior!  Death is separation and it is hard.  But, if you know Jesus and your loved one does too then surely you will see them again in heaven!  My uncle knew Jesus and I am assured he is smiling in heaven right now.

2. Never care what others think of you and always be yourself!  My uncle frequently wore the brightest colored suits a man could find.  Pink, orange, purple, you name it!  As long as he liked it, that is all that mattered.

3. Be comfortable in your own skin.  Big, small, tall, short: you should always be ok with who you are.  If your feet stink (like my uncle's did on occasion) be ok with taking your shoes off in my house anyway!  Know that your family will still love you!

4. Dare to be unforgettable.  Sometime you meet people in your life that say something you will never forget.  My uncle had his corny jokes!  Sometimes they will do something you will never forget.  My uncle would show up in places you least expect.  He was unforgettable!

What message are you leaving for those you encounter in life?