Saving Money During Dinner

Sometimes we can save big by making minor adjustments with how we cook at home. Here are some suggestions you can use to save, time, money, and eat healthy at the same time.

  1. Utilize meal preparation establishments to cut down on the labor and preparation of each dinner meal. These services allow you to choose your menu for the month and have 12 different meals throughout the month. With left-overs you should be set for the month. These services are pretty handy for the busy household. Some companies to check out are,,, etc.
  2. Make enough food for at least one left over the family can enjoy. This will cut down on the amount of cleaning and preparation. It is always easier prepare a larger meal once rather than smaller meals twice.
  3. Clean out your pantry monthly. Look closely at what you have and prepare a meal with only those ingredients. Check out to put in ingredients and get recipe ideas.

Give me your ideas for making dinner time a special event that everyone looks forward to.