Put Your Credit on ICE!

  • Are you looking to get out and stay out of debt?
  • Have you been a victim of identity theft?
  • Have you paid off most of your debt and are not looking to need credit much anymore?
  • You may be in a good position to put the freeze on. Make your credit report ice cold!
    Freezing your credit report prevents nearly everyone from using your name to take out a loan or sign up for credit including yourself. This is an extreme measure that can now be taken by residents of all 50 states. All you need to do is send a letter to each of the three credit reporting agencies to request a freeze on your report. Fees vary by state and can range from $0 to $10 per agency to place and lift the freeze. If you have proof (a police report) that you’ve been a victim of identity theft typically the freeze is free. Although freezes don’t stop someone from stealing your credit card information and using it, this action can help protect you from those who wish to use your name and identity for fraudulent purposes. We all know that identity theft is on the rise. The credit freeze is something you can do immediately to protect yourself.
    Just remember that nowadays you may need to suspend the freeze to get a new insurance policy, cell phone or utility service, rent an apartment or gain employment.
    Get more information at www.financialprivacynow.org.