Podcast: Pay Now or Pay Later

Recently featured on Kendra Tillman's Podcast, "You Are Stronger Than You Think"

In this podcast we discuss how healthy spending habits can lead to better overall health. This podcast is loaded with tons of tips and strategies to help you reach your money and your fitness goals. In fact Ericka offered so much great insight there's a week 1 and week 2. Week 2 will be up on the blog this Thursday. 

In this episode Ericka shares:

  • How looking for areas of overspending in our budgets helps us free up money for taking better care of our bodies.

  • How preventative maintenance keeps us from “breaking” the budget.

  • The importance of talking with a health care professional(s) to maximum the money we’ve designated for preventative maintenance options (ie. supplements, working out, losing weight).

  • Her #1 strategy for meeting any goal. She even tells a story of how using this strategy had the added benefit of helping a client lose 30 lbs.

  • The connection between mindless spending and mindless eating.

Listen to the podcast HERE