My Office Facelift - On a Budget of Course!


I recently decided that it was finally time to decorate my home office space. For the most part, until this year, I've met with clients at a separate location so I haven't spent as much time in my home office for it to really matter how it was decorated. I decided that needed to change.

But, I practice what I preach so I wasn't about to make this radical change without some planning and some saving.

First, I set myself a budget. I knew exactly what my overall budget could allow so my parameters for what I would spend for this "remodel" were very clear.


Next, I shopped around. I wasn't clear from the beginning what I wanted but once I was, I shopped around to get the absolute best price. I was patient and waited for things to be on sale. I even looked around and took advantage of every opportunity to "join a newsletter list" to get a % off of my purchase.

To make my purchases, I used Scrips, a program where when we buy gift cards, a portion of the value of the card gets credited back to my daughter's marching band account for color guard. It's like getting PAID to shop!  

Finally, I leveraged the power of rebates. I got a rebate from my paint purchase but I took it a step further and watched for the price of my items to go down and got a rebate from that as well. That move alone got me $200 back on a desk that was already significantly cheaper than everywhere else I'd looked!

When you layer your savings like I did with patience, coupons, discounts, rebates and a budget you are able to do a lot. I decorated my office from top to bottom and wall to wall but I came in under budget and ended up with a space I love!

Home (office) improvement projects don't have to break you. Just be smart about them and you too can recreate your living spaces without going broke!