Money is a Lion

How do you interact with this "king of the jungle"?

It's been such a great year so far for so many of you. I'm excited about the dozens of couples and individuals who have made the commitment to work towards getting themselves free - free from debt, free from financial worry and stress, and free from a burdensome financial past. Here we are exactly halfway through the year so I wanted to stop and ask you how you are doing so far? Are you on track? Don't worry if you

aren't where you wanted to be or if you started and got off track.  It's ok.  You can still finish this year strong. One of the ways you do that is by examining how you interact with your money.

Let's think about going to the circus. One of the main attractions is the lion. In a traditional three-ring circus, the lions are featured center stage. Kids (of all ages) can't wait to witness this majestic animal.  The lights go down and the ringmaster makes his booming announcement to introduce the lion and his fearless tamer and what follows is this incredible dance between man and beast. The tamer and lion are from two very different worlds and mistakes in the ring between the two can have dramatic consequences. You watch in awe as they go through practiced actions - putting on a show full of excitement.  When the show is finished, you applaud both the lion and his tamer for their performance.

The money in our lives is a lot like that lion and most of us are watching it from the grandstands in fear, worried about what will happen next.  Unfortunately, when we experience the lion from afar, we limit our experience. We see the show from behind the other side of a cage - somewhat protected - but the show still has its cost. It isn't just the cost of the circus admission. It's the cost of the experience.  It's the fear you experience - the worry over what might happen next because you are not in control.

What would happen, though, if you put yourself in the position of the tamer.  With practice, you would learn how to work together with your beast.  You would know how to anticipate a shift in behavior and react accordingly. You would no longer be a bystander and no longer fear something unknown. 

Your relationship with money can be the same. By learning how to manage your money, you get to experience the richness and fullness of life.  By learning how to work with the "lion" you are able to not just be a bystander but an active participant.  When it comes to our lives, our money (the lion) will ALWAYS be a major part of what's going on. So, do you want to sit scared in the stands or take control and become the tamer I know you can be?

Are you ready to get in the ring?