It's Time to Break Free

I was raised in a single parent household.  My mother was a professional and from my childlike perspective she seemed to make a good living (we lived in the suburbs).   And of course, she did the best she could with her finances to raise my sister and I.  It wasn’t always easy.  I remember her saying “Wait until payday” when I asked for something.  I remember the days she paid the bills and how much stress it caused her.  I also remember how I treated her when I didn’t get what I wanted all the time (yes, sometimes I was a brat…).  When I sit and think about the sacrifices she had to make and how challenging those days must have been, I’m so grateful.  Thank you mom!  Today I also realize that these experiences have shaped who I am today.  Because I didn’t want my kids to struggle with money and debt, my husband and I determined that we would change our family tree.  I have changed my career path to help others get free of debt and live life on their terms.  Proactive money management is now my professional mission and personal passion.

Of course, there are positive money memories too.  My grandfather was an assistant pastor of a church in Detroit all his life.  Looking back I don’t believe he made lots of money but as a child I thought he was rich.  I admired him because he always had cash.  One day he took my mom and me to the dealership and bought her a car with cash!  I couldn’t believe he had that much money!  He lived simply, dressed in suits every day, and had a generous heart.  Today when I use cash it makes me feel wealthier because of that past experience.  No debt and cash is the way my husband and I live our lives.  Thank you Grandpa!

Whether you know it or not, you are a product of your money past.  You make decisions today based on what happened in the past.  Your fears around money are rooted in what you witnessed as a child.  It is time to go deeper, gain clarity and break free of any chains that hold you back.  You don’t have to be a prisoner of your past any longer.  Once you understand what money beliefs are holding you back, you can proactively make changes today that will affect your money future.

Half of this year has gone by.  Isn’t time you finally conquered this?  You deserve to have a bright financial future.  You work hard for every dime you earn.  You are capable of achieving your financial goals and go further.  The question is what will you do?
To start this shift, I’m inviting you to join me on June 24th at 7 PM EDT for a very special teleclass, “Your Money Past: Three Barriers Keeping You From Abundance.”  There is no charge for this teleclass. It’s simply my gift to you to help break the cycle.
During this class, we’ll examine:

  • How your parents’ relationship with money has affected your relationship with money
  • What money views from childhood you are still holding on to that are causing damage to your current financial status
  • How to break free from a money past that is no longer serving you

Sound good? Of course it does – freedom from restrictive limiting beliefs is always good! So, if you’re not where you wanted to be financially, the time is now. Join me on June 24th so we can start your shift. Don’t let the rest of this year go by without getting your money handled.  Now is your time to get free.