Is Your Lawn a Hot Mess?


One of the most effective ways to explain how money works with my clients is to share with them that your financial situation is a lot like a lawn. The questions you need to answer are 'Do you have a lawn that is well-manicured?' or 'Is your lawn a hot mess?' But what does that mean?

If you've ever seen the show "Curb Appeal" or even just driving around, you know that you have different and very distinctive reactions to a lawn that is well-cared for versus one that is overgrown with weeds. The lawn that is well-manicured features the green grass that is trimmed nicely, healthy and shapely shrubs, colorful, weed-free flower beds and a driveway and sidewalk that is edged and free from debris. This is the house you come home to and you want to enter to see more. There is something about this house that draws you in and makes you take notice.

Think about the opposite - the lawn that is a hot mess. The brown grass looks like you need to wade through it. The flowerbeds are over gown with weeds or nonexistent. There are leaves covering the driveway and bits of trash scattered on the sidewalks. When you come home to this house, you feel overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done. You have a feeling that it's probably more of the same mess when you walk in the door. Things just feel very chaotic. You definitely don’t want this house next door to yours.

If you have a money situation that is a hot mess, you may:

    • Feel overwhelmed by a stack of debts that need your attention (weeds)
  • May have overdue bills with late fees (overgrown grass and debris)
  • Have a checkbook that is in desperate need of balancing
  • Know you need a budget but haven't done one because you don't know where to start

Here’s the deal. That well-manicured lawn takes time. You need to have a lawn mower, tools, fertilizer, water, plants, experience, time, and vision! The other option is to hire someone with all that stuff and give it time to mature and develop. That lawn beautiful didn’t happen overnight! The same is true for your money. You need some tools like a budget, debt reduction plan, or check register. You will need to take the time to learn how to get a well-manicured financial picture or hire someone to help you.

What does your financial lawn look like? Is it beautiful and well-manicured or is it a hot mess? Get into action to create the financial landscape that will serve your future years and impress all who pass by. Need some help? Call me today.