I saved $18.50 this week without even trying!

Sometimes I surprise even myself!  During the holiday season while many people were out spending loads of money, I was amazed at how much money I could actually SAVE!  Yes SAVE!  I said it!  It is possible to save money during the holidays.  Truth be told this savings is all in how much I didn't spend.  But it all adds up right?  I mean, what if I didn't spend $1000 in 2011 just because I clipped coupons, searched on my blackberry, or looked on company websites?  What if I decided to simply add up all my savings and allowed you to see the power in paying more attention to your expenses?  What if you joined me in this effort and also decided not to spend money without at least trying to find a coupon you could use?

This is my mission for 2011.  I will track all of my coupon savings and take you, my blog readers along for the ride.  I will tell you where, how, and when I saved.  It would be wonderful if you shared your stories with me too.

On Sunday my family and I went to the mall.  Because I already knew I needed more Bath and Body Works lotion, I went to see what was on sale.  I found that the WHOLE STORE was on sale!  I quickly searched for "bath and body works coupons" on google and found a $10 off $30 purchase.  I bought 10 bottes of lotion for $ 3 a piece (70% off!) and used my coupon by just showing my blackberry to the cashier!  I won't need to buy lotion for me and my girls for a year!  That is savings!  I also used $5 in coupons at the grocery store and another $3.50 coupon at Subway.

I can't wait to hear your stories, see where you shop, and learn how much you save!  Will you join me?