I Fell Down

For the last 4 years I have been running to keep in shape.  In June of 2011 I could only run a mile without stopping.  Today I have run 2 half marathons, a few 5ks, and hundreds of miles in training. Currently, I am training for a 10k in a few weeks.  Not once during all this running have I fallen.  Until TODAY!  I had only run about .7 miles and planned on running 4 miles total.  Somehow the ground reached up and grabbed me.  Or maybe it was the size 10 boats attached to my legs.  Surely there was something on the ground I tripped over.  At any rate, I found myself heading for the ground at 5+ miles/hour.  

Splat, crash, boom I lay on the ground and slid forward for a split second.  Now it is at this moment that you have a huge decision to make.  Do you lay there for a minute or get right back up and act like nothing ever happened?  I was in pain from my elbow and hip (I’m no spring chicken), grass is all over my clothing, and I just might be bleeding.  Then I remembered what real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank said.   “Successful people fail well.  They can take a hit and jump back up.”  So I got back up.  I brushed my pants off quickly and finished that 4 mile run.  It’s all in how you get back up.  When I got home and took my shower I saw the blood and open wound on my elbow which will probably scab and bruise as well as take a long time to heal.  But I felt good about finishing what I started.

Now I ask you.  Have you fallen down?  Are your finances a hot mess?  Do you feel like you’ve been beat up with debt?  If so, I encourage you to get back up and keep moving forward.  I knew how many miles I needed to run.  I knew that I couldn’t make it up later in the day.  I knew that each step I took would bring me closer to my goal.  I also knew walking home would mean defeat.  I pushed through and so can you.  Get back up!  You may need a coach on your team for accountability and direction.  You definitely need a game plan for success.  But today you really need to push through the pain and rough spots so that you see the finish line.  My fall taught me that it doesn’t matter what I encounter I am a fighter.  You are a fighter too.  Your goals are worth fighting for.  Your dreams can become a reality.  Your money can produce a lifetime of fruit for you.  In the words of my friend Kendra, never, never, never give up!