How to Keep the Kids Busy Without Breaking the Bank

CampIcostalottaIt's summertime for the kiddos which means you need to find something to keep them busy. Whether that means summer camps or activities at home, entertaining our young family members can put a dent in the budget. Be sure to read on to get some helpful tips to make sure that you don't end up sending kids to CAMP ICOSTALOTTA. 1. Plan ahead. Tracking expenses through programs like Quicken allows you to easily look back at what you spent last year. Knowing what you spent before can give you a starting point for what you should plan to spend this year.

2. Prioritize what the kids are really interested in. Involve them in the decision process and encourage them to choose camp and activity choices that they are truly interested in. You don't want to spend money sending them to a camp or other activity that they don't really want to do or won't enjoy.

3. Get them involved in activities that are free or inexpensive. Many museums and zoos offer free days so check the local calendars to see what options are near you.

4. Keep the kids busy by letting them find creative ways to make money. Keeping them busy doesn't have to cost you money.  Have them do yard work, run a lemonade stand or walk dogs and they can earn money instead!

5. Seek out volunteer opportunities. With their extra time, summer is a great time to get kids involved in giving back within the community. Contact a local charity organization and see what help your kids can do. Getting involved will give them a sense of purpose, keep them busy and help the organization all at the same time!

6. Don't forget to see what their friends are doing. If they have to make a choice in activities, they are more likely to do things that their friends are doing too.