Here's Why You Aren't Making Progress Getting Out of Debt

I see it time and again. Couples sitting in front of me in their first coaching session with me completely dumbfounded why they haven't been able to get out of debt. They've read the books. They've created the budget. They're smart people who just can't seem to get traction.  
The truth is that it's not that you're not smart enough. It's not that you can't get out of debt. What nobody is telling you is that you're missing some key ingredients to success in your plan - 3 key ingredients to be exact.
First of all, let's talk about goals.  No, this is not another post about SMART goals. What most couples are missing are shared goals. These are goals that the two of you create together. When you create these shared goals together, you are so much more likely to get to the finish line together.
Secondly, we have to talk about accountability. As a couple, you need to be each other's accountability partner. You have to promise that even when it's hard, each one has to tow the line for the other. 
Finally, you have to have buy in. Everyone involved needs to have input.  This way they will want to complete the tasks at hand.
If you've read my brand new book, Naked and Unashamed: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must have, you're probably chomping at the bit to get started. But, if you AND your partner don't both buy in to achieving a life that is debt free, it will not work effectively.
I promise, if you add these three ingredients in with your other tools, you will start to make progress and you'll see those debt numbers shrink.
Be sure to stop by the blog throughout April (Financial Awareness Month!) as I dive into each of these ingredients in detail so you can really put this information to powerful use in your family.