Forget SMART Goals - It's All About Shared Goals

We all know about SMART Goals - and yes, they do work.  I completely recommend them to all my clients. But maybe they need to be called SMARTS goals where the final 'S' stands for Shared.  I'm here to tell you that shared goals are absolutely key when it comes to you and your honey paying off debt and creating a secure financial future.

When we talk about shared goals, I'm not talking about a goal that you share (tell) someone else.  I'm talking about a goal that you both create and are both passionate about.  

What's so special about shared goals you might be asking? Imagine if you and your partner create goals separately. You have a goal to lose 10 lbs by the summer and he wants to learn to be a pastry chef before the annual neighborhood bake sale. It's going to be harder for you to achieve your goal if you support his goal and he won't be at his best in his progress if he's fully supporting yours. You'll both be going in different directions and neither one of you ends up accomplishing what you wanted.

If you create goals together, you can both support each other fully and celebrate that much more when you get there.

If you haven't done shared goals, I recommend that you sit down with your partner and discuss your goals and if they aren't an exact match, work together to see how you can find compromise and make a shared goal together.  Trust me, your end result will be well worth it!