Financial Fitness at Work

When I worked in corporate America, my husband and I had a lot of debt! We started our marriage with $60k and it climbed to nearly $100k in a few short years. We desperately needed someone to educate us on how to get out of this hole. We felt alone and didn’t know who to turn to. We were also naïve about the process of getting out of debt. Simply put, we were young and stupid! One day the light bulb went on when we listened to the Dave Ramsey Show on the radio. For the first time, we felt inspired about money management and we gained a little glimmer of hope. We began to read books, take classes, and even talked with other people about money matters and debt. The more knowledge we gained the more excited we became about our financial future!

Dave Ramsey however, is in Nashville, TN. He won’t sit down with you and help you work through your personal budget and debt reduction plan. In addition to that, neither of our workplaces provided this insight, education, or push to succeed with money. Sure, you could learn about your 401k or health care options, but who would teach me about getting out of debt at work? No one!

Wouldn’t it be nice to go into work and sit down with your personal coach for an hour to work on your finances right there on site? Or how would it feel to attend a financial workshop on your lunch hour.  You would feel that your employer cares about these issues and is willing to provide you with the resources to truly get free, wouldn't you? 85% of American workers would love their employers to provide financial education as a benefit to them, however only 20% believe they will get it.

This is why I have created Financial Fitness at Work! Maybe your employer hasn’t helped you up to this point but now Tailor-Made Budgets can be the resource you’ve needed all along.  If you want to see this life-changing information available at your workplace, email me.  To find out more about the program click here…