Don't Let Life Derail You

Some of you may know my story and say "Wow! I can't believe she and her husband paid off $90,000+ in debt in only 5 years!"  The truth is that we could have done it sooner. We could have done it in less time but life happens. While we were paying off our debt, we had 2 children, we bought 2 cars, my husband lost his job, and we suffered deaths in our family.  Life kept happening. This is the reality and unfortunately, it's a reality that we often forget about.

You see, when you make a plan, whether it be to pay off a load of debt or to lose 50 lbs, you have to create a plan that allows for bumps in the road. Have you ever been on a diet and not strayed (even just a little bit)?  Give me a break!  Everyone has challenging times staying on track.  Debt reduction and budgeting is the same. You can't let something unexpected destroy your planning or your desire to reach the goal. I recently signed up for a half marathon race.  After months of training, eating right, and purchasing the right gear, I showed up on race day ready.  The gun went off, $2200 ladies began running and less than 2 miles in, they stopped us due to thunder, lightning, and rain.  Listen, I was prepared to run. I was even prepared to run in the rain. But the decision of whether the race continued or not wasn't up to me. I had done my part. I had done the things that were in my control (the preparation). That's what you have to remember too.

When it comes to budgeting and getting rid of your debt, you have to take care of what you can control: creating a plan and sticking to it whenever possible; making the sacrifices in favor of your long-term plans, etc. However, when life does throw you a curve ball - your car breaks down, the air conditioner breaks, your kid breaks an arm - don't let that derail you.  Stop, breathe and adjust your plan given the new situation and find a way to keep moving forward. Your planning and preparation won't go to waste - it's just being put on hold for a moment. In fact, think about how much worse it would be if you hadn't been taking good care with your financial health? 

These "life moments" will continue to happen; it's how you respond to them that counts. Trust that your planning will get you through and that tomorrow will be another day to get back on track.  Believe it or not,  I have signed up for another half marathon in a few weeks.  I am not allowing a rainy day to stop me from seeing the finish line.  I trust you won’t allow one to stop you either.  If you need help getting and staying on track email me today.

I will run and not grow weary! – Isaiah 40:31