Do You Have What It Takes? Yes, You Do!

Sometimes I wonder what my problem is. I say I want to grow, learn, increase and succeed in areas of my life, but my actions tell a different story. Sometimes I sabotage my own success by repeating behaviors that keep me bound. Sometimes I interfere with progress by entertaining a detour that leads me to a not so good path. And still other times I prepare, plan, focus, and strategize to succeed and when success arrives I don’t even recognize it! What is my problem? Am I crazy or something? No, I am just human… Are you? Success lies in your mental ability to overcome whatever challenge you face. Yes it is the battlefield of the mind. When you think you can, you can. When you think you can’t, you won’t. I am here to tell you that whatever you truly believe you can do with your financial life you will do. If you believe you can’t, you won’t try at all.

This cycle is what I call a self–defeating behavior. Entertaining thoughts of FEAR, DOUBT, SHAME, etc will keep you from ever facing and subsequently conquering your financial giants. It is time to release negative thoughts and embrace behaviors that serve the financial future you desire.

Think about what you want in 5 years and make plans today to get there right now. Sure you will face obstacles, but getting clear on the goal is essential. Do your research on what changes need to be made today. Attach yourself to people who are where you desire to be.

Conquer your self-defeating behaviors once and for all. Draw the line in the sand that represents where you are today and where you want to be. Learn more at Saturday’s Woman to Woman Brunch! I will give you specific tips that will lead you to your financial promised land! Register today!