Do something different!

Each year people make resolutions to save more money or get on a budget.  Maybe if you controlled one area at a time you could eventually reach your savings goal.  Below are some ideas to help you stay on target with your grocery budget.  Even if you use just one of the points each week it could reduce your grocery bill or food waste enough to save you a nice bit of money in 2011.

  • Choose specific meals and dates to prepare them before you go shopping.
  • Once a week have leftover day.   Eat only what is currently in the refrigerator.  This saves time AND money!
  • Share meals at restaurants so food doesn’t get taken home and thrown away.  You’ll also have room for dessert!
  • Look at what you already have to create new meals before going shopping.  My family tried this one month and found we still had so much food!  We only bought what we needed to complete certain meals.  We spent only $160 on groceries that entire month! 
  • If you know you don’t want anymore of a particular dish freeze it.  When you are ready to have it again it will be ready for you.
  • Stock up on simple meal recipes (soups, stir-fry, grilled meals, etc.).
  • Freeze vegetables and meat in proportions for your family.  That way you won’t have lots left-over.
  • Buy only bulk items that everyone in the house will eat.
  • Cook enough food on the weekends to eat throughout the week.
  • Clip coupons.  A little time can save a lot of green.  Check out for coupon matching at your local grocery stores.

This holiday season is the perfect time to begin a plan of action.  Commit to wasting no food, buying only what is on sale or freezing left overs.  You never know how much you can save!