December Doesn't Have to Destroy the Budget

Yep.  It's December. There are gifts to buy. There are parties to attend. And don’t forget the family celebrations.  Everything costs money and your budget might be there staring you in the face wondering how you're going to make it all happen.
Today, I wanted to share 3 simple ways to take some stress off of your budget during this season.
1. Say 'no'. I know. This can be so hard but sometimes you just have to decline an invitation. Saying 'no' can not only protect your budget commitments but it can also protect your energy and your time.
2. Consider homemade, thoughtful and personal ideas for gifting. A batch of homemade cookies, a poem or song written by you, or a handmade craft is thoughtful and appreciated. I’m making homemade breads for friends and neighbors.  Pinterest is a great place for inspiration!
3. Give the gift of time. Time together is valuable and precious. Volunteer for a local charity instead of giving gifts.  Offer to babysit your nieces and nephews.  Watch your neighbor’s dog.  Not only can this be fun for you but your loved ones will be forever grateful.
The holiday season is not all about the amount of money you spend. It's about honoring your family with its traditions and spiritual foundations. Don't allow the frenzy of the calendar derail you from your progress. There are so many ways to bring joy and peace - of which you deserve much!