Coupon savings are amazing!

When you add it up it really makes a difference!  I have been a coupon clipper for years.  I have signed up for those coupon clubs, email specials, and Sunday paper to find the deals.  What I have never done however is totaled up how much all this work is actually worth.  Since I decided to total my coupon savings for 2011 I have already learned a few things...

  1. You can use expired coupons at the grocery store.
  2. Your favorite stores may have coupons online if you don't get the newspaper.
  3. You can get a rain check on items you'd like to use a coupon on and come back to use it when the item is there.
  4. Some stores take competitor coupons.

Taking this challenge is a learning process for myself as well.  To date, I have saved $79.75 on things I would have already purchased!  This time I just paid attention to the money I kept in my pocket!  I have shopped at places like,,,,, etc.  If you just look the savings are there.

Now I really wonder how much money I will save for the entire year.  Should I have a goal in mind?  Right now it looks like I could blow the top off $1,000 in coupon savings.  What do you think?  How much will you save?