Client Wins

We love to celebrate the successes that our clients experience as they work through their financial coaching plan. Here are some recent client wins! Power of a Budget: Prior to working with us, Casey was unsure of what she was capable of financially. She was scared to even do a budget. She had something near and dear to her heart that she wanted to do but was afraid that she wouldn't be able to do it. Because she had made a budget and we had a plan to work from, all she had to do was make a small shift to make it happen! Amazing things happen when you show up and have the courage to say "I'm scared that I'm not going to be able to do it but I'm going to look it in the eye and face it."

The Monster Car Lease: Buried in a car lease, the Robert's definitely wanted to see how they could get out from under the lease and into a car with no payments. By making some adjustments in their witholding and modifications in their budget, they'll be debt free in two years (except for their mortgage) which means that they will have had a $40K shift from where they started! Great outcome for a newly married couple!

The Importance of Starting: Jane and Bryan were overwhelmed by their debt but by learning that you have to start somewhere they are making progress. They have learned exactly what to break down into smaller pieces so that they can tackle the small debts to reduce their overall debt continuously over time. Giving them a shorter time frame to focus on helped them to reduce their feeling of overwhelm.

*names have been changed to secure client identity