It's a Love-Haiti Relationship


My family and I just returned from our long-awaited mission trip to Haiti. We spent months planning and sorting through every single detail (and there are lots!) to make the trip a reality. Now that we're back, everyone keeps asking us how it was so I thought I would share just a few insights here. First, it is difficult to say "We had a great time." We were there for a purpose and that purpose was not vacation. Did we meet great people? Yes. Did we do great things? Yes. Did we have some fun? Yes. But our purpose was to help those in need and share a ministry with them. Oddly enough, "a great time" just doesn't seem to be the right phrase.

Secondly, our trip gave me a whole new perspective on what scarcity and crisis really is. In truth, it's been challenging to reconcile what we saw and experienced there with our very comfortable lives here at home in the states.

Lastly, I have a new level of gratitude. Beyond my new perspective on "enough" I am grateful for so much more and at a deeper level than I was before we left. It was an amazing experience to have with my family and one that I will definitely not forget.

I am still processing everything that happened but the experience was so profound and I do have more to share. I invite you to join me on Wednesday July 9th from 7-8pm EST for a special webinar where I will share our experience in depth. I encourage you to register at today and allow me to share and help all of us take this experience back into our own lives to make a shift for the better.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Are our Finances Healing? Experts Give Advice...

We are finally beginning to see a turn in our unemployment rates and some experts think we’ve bottomed out in the housing market. So maybe, just maybe, we are heading in the direction of a recovery. But if our nation is finally healing… are your finances healing too? It would be nice to think that all will be well in the world if everyone who wanted a job got one and could get “back to normal”. But what is normal? And do we really want that? For years, Americans have overspent therefore, creating obscene amounts of personal debt. For the last several years we have had no choice but to tighten belts and spend less. Now that many people are back to work and/or getting raises, have we learned our lessons? Now is the time to get out and stay out of debt! Now is the time to save money for your future. Now is also the time to lay a solid foundation for your finances. You can do it if you keep that belt tightened just a little longer… Read more in a recent AZ Republic article Ericka Young was featured in…

To Your Success!

ABC 15 News Segment

Helping a valley family get back on their feet and sharing financial advice is what I do best and that is what landed me on ABC 15 News along with advice being shared by Suze Orman. Kim's family is over $20,000 in debt. She reached out to ABC15 after ABC 15 News put a post on their Facebook page looking for families struggling to make ends meet. My advice to Kim, "You've had an income decrease of about 50 percent," Ericka Young explained. She's a certified financial coach of Tailor Made Budgets and is helping Kim and her family get back on their feet. "Make sure that you're tracking your spending for all of your categories that you have on your budget," Young urged Kim. "So we'll be working on that as well."

I look forward to working with Kim and her family. You can read the full story here and watch the video of the news segment.

My 15 Minutes (6 hours) of Fame on ABC 15 News

To follow up on my appearance on ABC 15 News last week, I was asked to do an interview by my marketing "gal" - she had some burning questions.  We had so much fun, that I decided to make a blog post out of it. Birgit: Ericka, as an entrepreneur, it must have been quite exciting to be invited to Channel 15 ABC News to share your expertise with their viewers, and not just on one segment, but 3 segments in the afternoon and the 10 PM edition.

Q: What was your first reaction when you heard the news that you were invited?

A: Surprise! It was completely unexpected! I was driving my daughter to a piano lesson when the reporter called me.  When I told my girls what the call was about they were so excited!  I was too, but I also wanted to remain neutral in case it didn’t work out.

Q: How did your family react? I’m sure your kids were excited.

A: Oh yes, my kids were very excited about seeing mommy on TV! They said “here is the superstar!” It makes me so happy to know that they are proud of mommy. I desire to be a role model to them with money and life.

Q: Did your family watch the show?

A: Yes my family watched the live TV segments but we were all in different places. My kids were with my aunt and cousin while I taped live at the station.

Q: Tell us a little about your experience of being on the set? Were you nervous?

A: When I walked into the station I was a bit star struck! I saw some of the familiar faces and started taking pictures like a giddy tourist! I was very nervous the first time they taped my Q&A. My heart was beating out of my chest! I calmed down though and followed Susan Casper’s lead.

Q: The viewers were able to chat live with you on the ABC 15 website. What was that experience like? Where there glitches?

A: The online chat was fun! I answered over 40 questions. Some questions were tough and heart-warming while others were easier and straight to the point. It was difficult to paraphrase what I would say in a 1 hour meeting into 2 or 3 sentences. Overall I would totally do it again!

Q: What was it like to be mentioned in the same sentence with Suze Orman? Do you do what she does? Or how do your services differ?

A: Yes it was crazy being in the same news segment with Suze Orman. She is a financial planner who is able to invest in securities for people. I help my clients create a budget to reach their financial goals like increasing savings or getting out of debt. You come to me first before you begin investing for the long-term.

Q: Why do you do what you do?

A: I was once one of my clients! When I had $60k in debt, no savings, and didn’t know how to get out. Even when we learned how to budget we went further into debt. I had to help myself and decided to share the tips, tools, and tricks to get out of debt. I love seeing others get free!

Q: What have you learned from this experience?

A: I learned that anything is possible! God gave me this opportunity and I am thankful!

Conclusion: It was a time for me to realize that anyone can accomplish just about anything, as long as you are committed to a successful outcome and invest yourself, the time and resources needed.

To read the the full story and the online viewer chat, go to ABC 15 News.