Back in the Saddle

Yes I am back in the saddle. My family and I have successfully transitioned to life in Indianapolis (until winter comes) and life is getting back to a new “normal.” Here’s how I’m back to business now that the boxes are finally unpacked:

1. Growing my network by meeting with the local business and professional people so they know who I am and what I do (you can do the same for any friends and family you know in the Indianapolis area). 2. Working with current clients virtually (by phone or video chat) so their tomorrow continues to look brighter than today. 3. Developing and executing my strategy for workshops, seminars, and individual coaching in small businesses (let me know if you have any business contacts here as well).

I have shaken up my entire world by moving clear across the country. There is no doubt that where I am today looks nothing like where I was 1 year ago. My home, neighbors, schedule, environment, weather report, scenery, workload, outlook, etc have all taken a dramatic shift. But, I also believe it is divinely ordered and it is positioning me to go to my next level. Can you say the same? Now maybe you haven’t moved across the country, but are you still in the same place financially you were 1 year ago? Has anything in your financial life changed so dramatically that you have to stop and take notice? Or, is the picture I described exactly what those closest to you would have seen last August? Recently, I have heard from clients, friends, and families who confess that they are in the same place that they were a year ago. Don’t you want to go from level to level each year? Don’t you want to get better with money, save more, or begin to see you retirement future clearly? Maybe it is time to shake things up! Check out my new webinar below.

It’s Back to School Nite!

Our kids are going back to school why not you too? You need it! Admit it. Are there some areas in your financial life in which you need a tutor, cheerleader, teacher or coach? So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today for my 1 hour webinar where we will discuss:

1. The easiest thing you can change to keep more money in your pocket 2. How to never pay retail again 3. Why it is important to budget and how to get started 4. The #1 strategy to demolish financial complacency forever!

Every year our kids grow, improve, and learn and we love to see them excel at many different subject matters. Now it is your turn to allow yourself to grow, improve, and learn how to effectively manage your money so you can truly be an example to them.

This one-time webinar is Thursday September 6th 8-9pm EST, 5-6pm PST. The cost is $19/per attendee. The 1st 5 participants to sign up will receive my ebook “Budget: It is NOT a Dirty Word!” for FREE. Once payment is made at your call in details will be sent to you. You must have access to a computer to participate.

Don’t allow another school year to pass you by and only your kids have learned something new!

I look forward to continuing to serve you, my newsletter readers far into the future. If there is ever something I can do to improve the content of this newsletter or if you have specific topics you’d like to see covered just let me know.