Are You a Good Team?

A few years ago I coined the term “Team Couple” to describe the way a couple operates together with their money.  They don’t always agree.  They will not see eye to eye 100% of the time either.  But they have each other’s best interest at heart.  They want the very best the relationship can handle where it concerns financial matters and they are willing to go the distance as a team. 


Here are 7 dos and don'ts to becoming a team couple when it comes to finances:


  • Talk about everything.  If you don’t discuss where you want to be financially then don’t complain when you get nowhere.  You must have the hard conversations about paying the bills, buying a home, and child care expenses.
  • Share the load.  Use your gifts, talents, and interests to determine who is best suited to do the budgeting, pay the bills, or invest for your future.  Don’t force your partner to do something that is inherently challenging for them.  Figure out what you are each good at and incorporate that into your monthly financial activities.
  • Value one another. Each part of this team is needed so value what you bring to the table.  One person might be a free spirit and loves to spend money on fun activities.  The other person might get great satisfaction from saving money for the future.  Both perspectives are necessary to having a financially successful relationship.
  • Check-in.  On a regular basis check in to ensure you are making progress toward your goals and review whether or not some things need to change.


  • Undermine the plan.  Once you agree to how you will handle the finances don’t sabotage the plan but doing something totally different.  Stay committed to your partner and that will change how you approach your financial habits.
  • Keep secret accounts.  If you have to keep secrets more is going on.  It is perfectly fine to have more than one account and even one the your partner isn’t on.  Honesty and transparency will help you trust one another.
  • Control everything.  Give your partner something to do where the finances are concerned so they feel a part of the Team Couple that you are a part of.  Each party needs to know that their voice is heard and their opinion matters.  When you break down the walls of control then you show them you care.

Give yourself the opportunity to become a Team Couple.  Employ some of these habits and see how much closer you become to one another.  Finances are just one piece of the puzzle but a very important one.  If you get this right you are ahead of the game.

 If you and your spouse need a little extra help communicating and getting on the same page, schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with me. I'd love to help you be the best Team Couple you can be!