Accountability Can Take Many Forms

Last week, we talked about the importance of shared goals and how to create them. This week, I want to dive into the subject of accountability. Whenever I talk about accountability, I always think about programs like Weight Watchers. The concept of weight loss isn't unique to Weight Watchers. Yes, they have their own "system" but at the end of the day, doesn't it really boil right back down to making healthy choices? The system is what makes it different and the most important part of that system is accountability.
Each week, you go to your weigh in. You know that the meeting leader is going to see how your week went by the numbers on the scale. Those who are successful get a star and perhaps some other 'attaboy' or 'attagirl'.  Those that don't have the greatest week will get encouragement and maybe even some tips on how to make next week better. These are all hallmarks of an accountability system.
We do better when we have someone holding us accountable. The same is true in your relationship. When my husband and I were working on getting out of debt, there was a time when he took my credit card from me and I haven’t used one since. I used to go out to lunch a lot and that was a habit that I couldn't seem to break without that level of serious intervention. He and I had agreed on our shared goals and our commitment to them was firm but without him helping me stay accountable it wouldn't work. Using cash for my lunches out was another way to stay accountable to our goals.
Understand that sometimes accountability takes shape with a simple "check in" and other times it's more extreme (as it was in my case). As a couple, talk to each other about what accountability looks like between the two of you. Agree to how you will each hold the other accountable and what actions you should take when the other partner needs it. 
Having these ideas agreed upon in the future will make for a much smoother accountability partnership between the two of you.