Client Wins

Make it a Priority: Sharon and Theresa faced debts over $6,000, they were frustrated when the debt just didn't seem to go anywhere. Then, they made that debt a priority. Once they made this a priority, they were able to get rid of this debt in just 7 months! This made a positive change in their financial situation of over $7,000. They finally realized that it's just not enough to hope, wish, and dream that the debt will go away. As a result of their accomplishment, they were able to go on a vacation. They planned their vacation out in detail, had a fantastic trip and even came back UNDER budget! Pay Attention to the Details: Mary was often overwhelmed with her debt. However, after working with Ericka, she learned to pay attention to the details of her money. By paying attention to the details, she was able to see that even small changes can make a big difference.

A Valuable Lesson on Planning Your Money: Many of us make plans based on money that we expect to come in and that's normal. Unfortunately, some folks also spend money based on what they expect to come in. In recent sessions, Ruby has learned the value of planning for money that's coming in but adjusting the plan accordingly for the actual money in hand. You always have to make sure that your actual income fits with your planned otherwise you could find yourself in a hole.

Spending Less May Not Be the Problem: Claire had gotten complacent with her finances. After thorough evaluation and coaching with Ericka, it became clear that her problem was not overspending. Claire simply needed to make more money. It just goes to show that it's not always an issue of a "bad budget", it could be just a lack of enough income. Claire is a talented woman that just needed to leverage those talents for better financial rewards.

The Silver Lining to Garnishment: Debbie was clearly upset about her wages being garnished. Fortunately, during her coaching session, Ericka was able to help Debbie see the silver lining. Yes, there is an amount being taken out of the income to pay for a debt but garnishment can only amount to a set percentage of income so you know there is a limit. Then, once the garnishment is through, if you can continue to operate as if it is still being taken, you can reach your debt-free goal that much faster!

Don't Lose Focus: Debbie and Ryan are a young couple who found themselves with an enormous tax bill. Through coaching, they made a plan and didn't let things derail them from accomplishing their plan. They've eliminated that tax debt completely now and see how important it is to make a plan and then take it seriously if you want to get results.