5 Obstacles to Financial Success

So you want to get out of debt for real this time. You know what you need to do to cut back on lifestyle and pay down debt. So why aren't you living life financially free yet?

There are many reasons that make getting out of debt so challenging.  These reasons can go deeper than simply budgeting; although I hate to admit it! 

I'm talking about the life issues that get in the way of your success.

1. You don't want to be bothered.

It's in your DNA to avoid pain and seek out pleasure. Unfortunately this works against you when trying to get out of debt. In your mind, it's painful (or at least uncomfortable) to deny yourself that shopping trip or vacation.

There's a simple way to work around this obstacle: Find something painful about being in debt to motivate yourself towards budgeting. Focus on the negative impact your current debt has on your financial future and lifestyle. Convince yourself that the pain of being in debt is much greater than the discomfort of cutting expenses.

2. You don't want to wait for the good stuff.

Just as you wish to avoid pain, you are also an expert in seeking out pleasure - namely cars, vacations, houses, etc right now! This serves the ‘real’ Housewives well, but we regular people really do need to live within our means.

Delaying pleasure is a lost art nowadays.  The reason our nation is in such a financial mess is because none of us wanted to wait for the things we couldn’t pay for with cash. 

Being patient to wait for the “good life” helps us appreciate our blessings, keeps us content with what we have, and proves that money is not our god.

3. You are crazy busy.

Let's face it, you work too much, commit yourself to too much and don't even get enough sleep most of the time. The fast-paced way you live leaves you exhausted, stressed and the last thing you want to do is a budget.

It's time to reprioritize. Let go of your perfectionist standards and remove a few commitments from your schedule so that you are able to create a budget and debt reduction plan AND balance your check register. Remind yourself that taking care of your finances is a necessity.

4. You don't deserve it.

I don't agree with it, but you act like you don't deserve to live the good life. Take a moment to think back on all the times you have self-sabotaged your financial goals. If you don't believe deep down that you are worthy then you'll never give yourself a chance to win at money.

You deserve to live financially free - and I urge you to dig deep down to uncover why you feel you don't deserve it. Once you conquer your feelings of unworthiness, getting on a debt reduction plan will be much easier.

Take the time to take care of your financial life. You DO deserve it.

5. You are afraid.

You're afraid to start because you just might fail, and wouldn't that be embarrassing? You're also afraid to start because you just might succeed, and change makes you uncomfortable – even if it's change in the right direction.

When you decide to get control of your finances you will need to go through a bushel of changes like cutting up credit cards, using cash, and saying “NO” sometimes.

Focus on all of the ways that getting rid of debt will make your life better. Envision that better life everyday so that it goes from being new and scary to familiar and comfortable.

I want to personally help you overcome every obstacle standing between you and your financial freedom. Call or email today to get started on a program that will change your life forever...in a good way :)