10 Reasons You Need a Financial Coach - Part 4

Welcome back! Here is the conclusion to our 4-part series "10 Reasons You  Need a Financial Coach" View the rest of the series here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

9.      You desire financial peace of mind.

You want to sleep good at night don’t you?  You also want to know that your kids will be ok if something happened to you.  Right?  You probably also want to rest assured that someday you won’t have to work so hard to make ends meet.  Or maybe you just want to exhale.  This financial peace of mind only comes with a plan that works.

10.   You want to be a good steward over your finances.

You work hard.  Your gifts and talents are being used every day by a company and therefore you get paid.  Mismanaging your money shows a lack of respect for your own talents.  Remaining in debt, spending all you make, over drafting your account, or keeping nothing in savings is doing you a disservice.  Think about how it would boost your job performance when you are free of the weight of debt.  Think about how much more fun your kids would say you are because you don’t stress about money.  Think about how much more you can do for your community and church if you had less financial obligations.

Don’t you want this said of you?

“Well done good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful over a few things and I will make you ruler over many things; enter into the joy of your lord.” – Matthew 25:23